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when beauty contests are horrible for objectifying women, but are great to empower trans.
liberal hypocrisy at its best

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common sense against liberal politicians.
despite being a satire, it is the best representation I had ever seen

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and still, this 1.3 billion people society, cant grasp the concept of a toilet

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not sure, but probably voted in favor for the new supreme court judge of the usa.
there were alegations of him raping a woman 30 yeats ago.

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funny how things change so quickly.
for months you have been praising her as a godess, and now you decided to just throw her in the trash.
let them talk, the dumb people that get manipulated by a celebreties opinion, are already voting for the democrats

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stop being ridiculous, who cares?
I think germany has serious problems to solve, being imigration the first one. instead of complaining about jews, focus on the real threat, the millions of muslims that are replacing european culture with a barbaric one.
your obcession with conspiracy theories is not healthy.

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arguably yes.
comunism is a political will eventualy pass.
there are countries that were invaded by muslims a milenial ago and still have that shitty moon on their flag, and being a religious ideology, it doesnt even try to evolve racionaly.
not trying to defend chinas comunist dictatorchip, but compared with islam, it is a walk in the park.

ps: it isnt even a comunist regime anymore in china, only in the name

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if this two guys were confronted by a crowd of a million liberals, their amount of fucks given to the liberals would be exacly zero

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things I learned with Trump: hollywood is bulshit from the top to the bottom, and there is an obvious and unfair bias towards non liberals...
I never went in that "fake news rampage", but what the last few years showed me, is that, despite showing facts, they will only show the facts they want, and the way they present them, is clearly trying to make you think like them (looking at you cnn and msnbc).
all of the sudden, a president that has a different point of view is elected, and they all go crazy.
-liberal news outlets question Trump 24/7, on a loop.
-talk show hosts only talk about him, EVERY SINGLE DAY!
-celebrities are praised for tweeting against him
-tump suporters are getting marginalized again

and they still didnt get one cares about their pretencious point of view. people care about their day to day life, wich is getting better with Trump, and when they listen to you criticizing and conspiracing against him, people feel closer to him

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incredible how we, as a society, stopped fighting for equality and comon sense, and started to blame and push off the majority in their own countries.
this statement is comon sense, the people who think its racist, are the ones that are defending that the existence of an ethnic group shoud be erased.