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it'll just give people the idea of how shit amsterdam is.

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since the grade 5th of elementary i was way too interested in ww2 lesson.

more specifically about Hitler, and i just could not resist but to do research about him since at that time everyone were at peak with shitting on hitler and his reich.

and when something so dearly is being protected from the public and demonized on daily basis, the curiosity was driving me insane, and i did research on him and his book to see what's so bad about him, it was basically like telling the kid to not go near the cookie jar, and the kid was curious and the kid relentlessly went for the cookie jar.

i was dumbfounded when i found out that there's nothing wrong with what he's been doing, and that i've been lied to by my teachers, and everyone around me just seemed like NPC, basically they repeat what they've been told on media.

and i deceided to stop being another sheep in the pen and go on my own route, and so, as of today i'm regularly excersizing, working and avoiding listening to TV and so on, just to stay healthy and normal.

in short, if it wasn't for my stupidly high curiosity, i would have most definetly grown up to be a lazy overweight fuck that supports leftists, in other words another sheep in the pen.


listened to hitler's teachings, completely stopped smoking/drinking (only on special occasions i drink), started excersizing, eating way less, but just enough for a entire day.

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to me, the best way to save fuel is to simply own a diesel with indirect injection system.

and with this shit, you can fill your gas tank half with any sort of filtered oil(doesnt matter whether it's oil from the car itself, like tranny fluid or engine oil, but dont use brake fluid, ever), and the rest should be topped off with diesel.

this saves you alot of money, the oil can easily be taken from any restaraunt that has to throw it away, and take into consideration that this is in south africa, so there's bound to be a shit ton of fast food restaraunts that serve fried food, and fried food takes alot of oil to deep fry.

and yes, vegetable oil, if filtered properly, can be used as fuel in diesel cars only if mixed 50/50 with diesel, but the fuel will have to be warmed up to work properly, that's a downside to using waste oil as fuel.

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an unprofessional way of killing a animal, just like what a lion does, aims for the spine.

other animals like cougars and tigers aim for the neck.

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i can assume the nigger couldnt keep his big mouth shut, and he just HAD to fuck around with the legless kid.

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lol in my laungage we say georgia (caucaus) and georgia (us) differently:

gruzija - georgia (caucaus)

đorđija - georgia (us)

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he chases donuts.

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now all we need to do is massivly advertize in every american city with large black population about how they wont feel oppressed and like a slave if they move out of america.

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what keeps me away from crosdressing faggots is the power of biology.

considering that some retards say that traps are technically girls, it can easily be refuted by using biology: if you're born a man, you're a man, if you're born a woman, you're a woman.

and no matter how many drugs you shoot up your ass, no matter how many feminine clothing you wear, no matter how much makeup you put and no matter how much you practice being a female...








end of story.