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smell muslim ass like you mom

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Trotzky was a complete jew. The international kikes in Wallstreet wanted bloodthirsty Trotzky/Bronstein.
When Bolshevik seized power, Trotzky was sick (STD) and was not able to do the power grab. Stalin did it.

Stalin removed Trotzky later on. Stalin had 4 wifes, all jewish. Despite of that, kikes were unhappy with Stalin, because Stalin implemented National Bolshevism and not international Bolshevism.

So kikes became his enemies after 2nd World War. Stalin plans to remove kikes from Soviet Russia (Media campaing already mapped out and shit).

Suddenly Stalin has a stroke at Purim (highest jewish celebration, when jews killed 60 000 iranians back in the day).

Go figure.

Stalin was a monster (probably jewish himself his last name means "son of a jew"), but he was nothing compared to the true kike Trotzky.

By the way.
Hitler did nothing wrong!

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lead by example!

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Aryans must learn to stick together and hold together against any threat or danger.

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happened today i guess, Very recent. Media is silent.

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Redpill your neighbours

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Actual version is the BARNETT PLAN. ("The Pentagons New Map")
Barnett dreams from a world wide mutt race.
He writes this openly.
Barnett is a chief strategist for the pentagon.

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The "Hooton Plan"

In 1943, Hooton had an article entitled "Breed War Strain Out of Germans" published in the New York newspaper PM. In the article he proposed four measures with an objective to "destroy German nationalism and aggressive ideology while retaining and perpetuating desirable German biological and sociological capacities". Hooton wrote these measures as follows:

Execute or imprison for life all leaders of the Nazi party; permanently exile all professional army officers.
For a period of 20 years or more utilize the bulk of the present German army as rehabilitation labor units in devastated areas of the Allied Nations in Europe and elsewhere. These laborers should not be treated as prisoners of war or convicts but as paid employees (supervised and restricted as to movement from the area of their work). They might be allowed the privilege of naturalization upon evidence of good behavior. The single men should be permitted to marry only women of the country of their abode or naturalization.

The families of the men already married should remain in Germany for a period of years, but might eventually be permitted to join the fathers. The latter should not be allowed to return to Germany. The objects of this measure include reduction of the birth rate of "pure" Germans, neutralization of German aggressiveness by outbreeding, and denationalization of indoctrinated individuals.
Break up the German Reich into several states (probably its original component states), permitting each, after a suitable interval of supervision and government by the Allied Nations, to choose its own form of non-Fascist government. The object of this measure is to destroy the national framework of unified German aggression.
During the period of supervision and occupation of the several states by armies and civilian staffs of the Allied Nations, encourage members of these groups to intermarry with the German women and to settle there permanently. During this period encourage also the immigration and settlement in the German states of non-German nationals, especially males.


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Remember: In Heinlein's 1959 book "Starship Troopers", the civilians in his society can only earn their right to citizenship, and the right to vote, through 2 years of "Federal Service"; being assigned combat or non-combatant roles in the Federal Army or Navy, all with a certain degree of risk of death.

His argument is that anyone who is willing to risk their life for the defence of their people puts the safety and prosperity of the tribe before their own personal success, and so makes a selfless, loyal and informed voter. In his book, positions of government can only be held by those who have served military terms.