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eat fruit, bread, corn flakes,rice, beans, corn... idiot. Or buy your own shit. AntiFa in the making.

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out with them as well

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Why were they predominantly White? Because they were WORKING, it was an office building.

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I keep saying, it's easier than EVER to sort out the bad ones! Their colours & colourations are visible to everyone.
Eh, in this case, she sorted herself out.

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people have a choice in their lives, people have value. Politicians are trying to manipulate them, because of people's value. It is not about whether Trump is good or bad. The media & Hollywood all jumping at him. But none of us, or the Americans should actually waste their time on these "dialogues", but take care of THEMSELVES, have themselves as main priority in life.

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that's the thing I mean with that being WISE: people should understand they have a value, they are all politicians' aim, it's not about Trump at all, and HE in this case is not wise

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no, I mean LIFE

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+32, Nigeria

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haha, you got that pic as well :D I didn't steal it from you though:)

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so, we like the non-Whites only after they achieve the whiteness