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Brenton Tarrant did nothing wrong.

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site's finally dead, good riddance i say.

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that account ain't real bro.
no actual user can post.
only bot accounts operated by the admins can post.
they just steal memes from reddit, mostly r/dankmemes or they just re-upload posts that have already hit front here.

no actual person can upload anything. this site is all bot accounts operated by admins.
bot posts. bot comments. bot upvotes. all from the admins themselves.

they're scamming the advertisers by making the site seem "alive"

the only way to 'stop the scam'/'let us post again' is to not make the site seem 'alive'.
so downvote everything unless you're sure they're an actual person/user.

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i just stop by once every day, just to downvote every post in fresh while watching news vids on youtube.

until the admins let us post again.

End reached.
oc only poster. use adblock on this site and downvote the bots... so basically everything. LET US POST AGAIN!
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