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Why only black countries take these jewish woman for modeling?

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Oh, just to point out - it seems you are one of the people, that would just subscribe to buzzfeed and say - "it must be true, it's on the Internet!" yeah, your sources suck. Really, it is just like Communism - sounds good on papper, but reality leaves much to be desired. Please, experiance it yourself, on your skin and then start.Larping, how awesome it was and how much it gave to the world.

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Oh, great... Believe me, your Data is just as credible as buzzfeed and reddit to me. My eyes don't lie. You can stuff me with bullshit, but once you see what is real, you start to question of the data you are provided. It is pretty obvious, that you are still on the blue pill. At best you are a civic cuck. I just love it, that people like you rage quit, not beimg able to provide credible facts ourside of Internet sources and has seen nothing of the world. Well, my point is proven

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The fact is, opinions can change from the perspective, that much is true, but facts are facts. For example, I had a glass of water this morning and no matter how many people say it is beer, that will not change the fact that it is water. There, now you learned the differance between a opinion and fact. As well, you don't even know what my project is and just because your waifu doesn't exist, you are telling me, that I will fail. Strong arguments you have there. I will keep that in mind. Remind me tu nuke the place you are living at, because I think you need some more Anime

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I'm lying? Just justify your statement and I might accept it. As for your statement, it isn't really valid. You are a shill or a Russian, or you are some collage kid, that has simply read about the "glory" of the Russian empire in books or on the Internet, while not having any real experiance in dealing with these subhumans. Either what It is, I've been going through the history and I know what I am talking about. Lived with these subhumans a good part of my life and I totally understand why Hitler wanted to dispose of them.

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Okay, for you would not answer the previous thing, just line up questions - what is the main issue? Please, I would like to answer all of them. If you are not able to do that, I will personally beat your ass into mother Russia and when you come back, you will have to tell us what a great country it is. Believe me, I have lived near these subhumans, so I know what I am talking about. Oh, also, you have noticed, that I don't exactly stay around the basement and I get around. So please, debunk my knowledge on facts, that I have checked myself, personally

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Oh, fuck man... You have no damn idea how wrong you are. Location - Riga, Klisais Centrs. Come there, I will be your guide, with pride and honor. Also, what you will notice, that there is one wooden shitty house and they kept it there, because it was authentic USSR shitpille in the glory of German architecture.

Colombians are damn racist. Just go there and see for yourself. They even didn't let a girl from UK in their house, even tho she had a university education, because she is black.

My point is that you have to go to the places in person, you will understand, that tge Internet has left a lot of things out. Trust me, the future is not as dark, as you might think. I will personally debunk some lies, during my life. You will see, for I am working on my new project

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Ah, stop being a Internet wiz. I have spent my fare share of years in Riga and the truth is simple - the houses of German architects are really well kept and beautiful. Of course it is not everywhere, you go out in the suberbs of Riga and it is a Detroit tier living place, where the subhumans (russians) live. Moral of the story - stop reading those kike articles how the USSR is the best thing that ever happened and come over, take a look for yourself. I know, for a fact, you can book a free architecture tour aroind Riga and the guide will tell you a lot of awesome things. I also had my conversation with the guide and she was on the same page with me - Russian shit watered down our culture and we would have done just perfect without them. Really, I've had my trips around the world and my conclusion is that you should stop to judge the country, by reading kike Internet articles and just actually go to the place. Spent some time in Colombia even. Tell you what - not any more dangerous than the wrong neighbourhood in Riga. Didn't even find drugs there, but I did notice that it is a super Christian and super racist nation. Yeah, don't exactly read about these things much, do you?

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This is prime bullshit, man. The Germans did the architecture in Latvia, Russians just left a bunch of soviet style huts, that look fucking ugly and are falling apart. Sorry to ruin your wet dream about Russia

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