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no matter what side you are on, they died fighting for what they believed, they deserve respect

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-sexists are evil, especial those who treat young girls as object
-homophobics are evil
-antisemits are evil
-religion is dangerous
-people who cant seperate religion from rule of law should be consider dangerous

also liberals:
-islam is an amazing ideology, we should import them, there is nothing dangerous about them

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I will vote for the only one that wants to reforce the borders, fight islam and end globalization.
even if that means voting for a guy that acts like an idiot and ignores comon sense for time to time

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"guess we cant win the show then, if i dont get a hug and a kiss" #metoo

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thats becase they are afraid to go to deep into water, chimps cant swim so they are careful around water.
but nice joke though
to be honest, i would rather share my country with irrational and strong cratures able to tear my limbs apart for no good reason, like chimps, than with muslims

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you dont understand our history and culture, we had a semi-fascist regime till the mid 70s, thats why we still have a communist party (they were the ones that were the oposition during the dictatorship).
we have a center left goverment (PS) now with the support of the extreme left, but the predictions show that the PS will probably win with the majority of the votes alone in the next election.
the right is losing votes, but at the same time its voters are leaning further to the party in the parliment that is more right leaning (wich is basicly simple center right). a far right party will never succed again in our country, especialy with this cuck generation

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I still do, he still wants borders, fight islam and globalization

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that is just disrespectful, she didnt provoke and wasnt competing

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because large numbers of muslims have worked so great in his country, he now wants to expand the project to all Europe?...where are we heading? this is madness

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good question, I cant say with 100% certain that they do, but i believe so. Even if all of them suffer from discrimination and are bullied, the numbers of suicide are too high to be justify by that.
40% of them (4 out of 10) end up trying to commit suicide, no other group of people have a slightly close number no matter the descrimination they end up having.
black people also face much more descrimination than the average person in the west, and their suicide figures are not significly higher than other races. so it shows descrimination cant justify everything.
i think trangernder people have real mental issues, and todays society is trying to make us all believe that there is no problem at all, that are we the ones with a problem if we dont go along this sad narrative