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thats actualy quite impressive

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as a portuguese i can only translate what they are saying:

one of the sooters- this (talking about the area) is pgc...

the victim- no, no, no, no, please, wait, wait, let me explain, let me explain for christ sake

one of the shooters- give it to him (as in shoot)...


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worst feeling in the world, watching Europa becoming a shithole and feeling impotent to change the way

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i get your point but you are mixing architectual/artistic concepts with political ones, thats not a good analogy by any means, that is a false equievelency.
i prefer the old fashion architecture and i dont like globalism either, but one thing has nothing to do with the other

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actualy ligers are possible, there are a few, made in human captivity, but yes, that is a tiger with down syndrome, a bad post at best

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black people in the usa through out history always been very religious, and still are till this day so i dont understand what you meant by that.

the gay people dont bother me, as it doesnt bother me light drugs, what each one does in their private lives, as long as it doesnt affect others, doesnt concern me.

prostitution has always been out there, even in religious times, Jesus also accept and ate with prostitutes, it should be legal like it is in your country and Australia, that way we can regulate and make sure its safe and society profit from it with taxes

muslims raping and the weapons smuggling are the real problems, guess what it is done by a religious group, with a medieval mentality based on religious books written by a pedophile goatfucker.

i think you are mixing the issues, one is the acceptance of individual liberties, other is a mass invasion of goatfuckers that are brainwashed.
religion isnt the solution for either even if one of them (individual liberties) isnt a problem in my opinion

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for the 20% to being stoped we have laws, for the 60% we have education...and who the fuck cares if people are nice or not? what do you have to do with it

religion is brainwash, yourself just admited that you think its a necessity with a purpose, following iracional stories, praying to goshts and slowing progress for religous motives like it happens in the US or muslim is all a waste of time

atheism didnt get us into the multicultural shithole, atheists follow their own principles, based on their education and racional thoughts. religious leaders (like the pope) are the ones pushing that integration mentality

believe in what you want, just dont spread propaganda

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"used to work as a doctors assistant" this are the refugees merkel wanted in the first place, no thank you bitch

thank you dont come again (with indian accent)

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if your children need a toy to see reality and turn away from islam, they are not that smart in the first place and should not have a place in the XXI century

stop blaming jews for everything

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so many women and children...