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Fun fact... islam is not a religion but a totalitarian political system.


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Let's get this one thing straight Those are not refugees. Those are fucking invaders. I know that everybody calls them that but honestly let's start fighting with this BS.

INVADERS! Not a refugee, not a migrant, INVADER.


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And she break her neck when she was falling down. Either way she achieved her goal, they achieved theirs, everybody are happy.


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Thank God that islam is the "religion of peace". Just imagine what would happen in europe if it wasn't...


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Nah, those are just polls. About 92-95% Poles is against mudslimes. The rest actually should die because those are leftist fucktards.


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Actually last polls in pro-islamic media shows that over 80% is against those mudslime fucks.


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Ok, so go and change your government change you laws. Meanwhile they will outnumber you, breed you out or simply kill you.

You know why this shit isn't happening in Poland? Because when one of this goatfucker killed Pole, we bring down few Kebab bars and kick some mudslimes asses. When one guy molested Polish girl, her father and brother beat the crap out few others etc. etc.

This is the only language the understand and this is the only way to handle this animals.

Sure, you can try do it by law but the results of this kind of action you can see now in Sweden, GB, Germany, Netherland, Belgim, France, Italy etc...

Those are not civilized ppl, and we should treat them as non-civilized ones.


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It is justice when your own justice system is too corrupted by PC to do something with those animals.

You think that it's good to see that the men who killed your family is walking out free after 2-3 years? Or the guy who brutally raped your daughter got social work and he is laughing at you? No, men. This is justice. As long as mudslimes are killing, raping etc I will always call this kind of "incident" justice.


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Look at the hypcorisy of this fucking media now... When sandnigger fucks killed ppl it was "British citizen", "french citizen" etc. Now in many media there is "WHITE Brit"...



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