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Ok, what about Oxygen then? Why there are 3 flags? As far as I remember Oxygen was found by Michał Sędziwój, Polish alchemist and doctor.

I think we could find more inaccuracies on this diagram.


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WTF? This is BS in at least 2 parts:
84 - Polonium
88 - Radium

Both Discovered by POLISH physicist and chemist Maria Sklodowska Curie. She was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize and the only person to win the award in two different fields — physics and chemistry.


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You see and here is your problem.

Muslim is a person who FOLLOW the "teachings" of muhammad and the word of mr. allah.

Ask any muslim you want. You can't be a muslim if you don't do shit that is written in the Quran, Sira, Hadiths, if you don't follow the sharia law.

That the fact that is written in the Quran and Hadiths.

You can't be muslim only because you call yourself one. You must pray 5 times a day, you can't eat or do haram stuff etc.

You CAN'T BE A MUSLIM if you don't do shit that muslims suppose to do!

In Hadiths you can find many of them about "hypocrisy" which is exactly what you are talking about. Calling yourself a muslim without following islam rules means nothing.

If you call yourself a doctor would it makes you one? No.

The same thing goes with muslims, Christians, lawyers, etc.

Remember this: Muslims do not create islam! islam creates muslims!


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"Isn't that true of everyone?"
Sure, but not every person got order from the "god" to kill infidels "wherever you find them".
There is difference between "I like you" when you don't and "I like you" when you want to gain somebodys trust and kill that person.

"What do you think about the Muslims who don't believe in that?"

Ok then. One simple question.

Who is muslim?

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So you are just like typical swede, german, french or even brit.

And right now they collect what they sow.

The problem with muslims is that you never know whether they are telling the truth or they are lying. And just this one thing is enough for me to not trust or believe in anything muslims do or say.

This is a simple reasoning. If you're not sure if some person won't stab you, you don't turn your back on him. Thats all...

Muslims can lie and they are allowed to kill Kafirs. That's all I need to say "fuck all muslims". Because you must be really two-faced son of a bitch to follow this sick ideology knowing that it gloryfies pedophilia, necrophilia, bestiality, rapes, tortures, murders, theft, lies and many other forms of violence and hate toward other ppl.

You don't need to know that kind of ppl in person. If they consciously follow this sick ideology then they must be fucked up no matter what.


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Let me ask you this:
What do you think about ppl that believe in curtural marxism or communism?

Ppl that are individual and yet still thinks that CM or communism are good.

What's your opinion on them?


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No it isn't.

You don't say fuck those 2 millions of particular commies. You say fuck communism and all communists.

The same goes for islam and muslims. islam is TOTALITARIAN POLITICAL SYSTEM that gloryfies pedophilia, necrophilia, bestiality, rapes, tortures, murders, theft, lies and many other forms of violence and hate toward non-muslims.

So yeah, It's ok to say fuck all muslims.


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And that's how they pumping the statistics...

I'm just curious if all those statistics were 100% honest how it would really looks like.


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Because it's like paying for the wood when you're in the forest...

Why would you pay 10-20$ for something you watch 3-4 times a day LIVE and for free when you going back from the work or school?


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Did you checked that link? I'm not a big fan of Wikipedia too but every accident got link to original source. And yeah, I've checked few of them. Also you can confirm every situation in google. That is why I've used it this time.