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Ale jest Sobieski; symbolicznie. Bo w końcu Sobieski skopał dupę księżycowym pedofilom.


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Ok. So how will you call a men that is too lazy to protect his own country from invaders? From raping their own women, from killing their own ppl etc?

I don't want to insult anybody here but for me it's not being racist, it's simply being fucking dumb.


Honestly men, delete this comment and act like it never happened.


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The only hope for sweden now is to start genocide of the muslims. Do you think they will do it? No, they wont.

And if they won't then there is NO OTHER CHANCE FOR THEM. Is that so hard to understand? They can't do shit with protest like that because in a next decade they will be minority in their on country. And when the government will become muslim, they won't be able to do shit. Next, they will got sharia law etc and they will be fucked up completly.

Sweden is at 85% in becoming Swedistan. They can't go back from this shit. Not in any peaceful way.

"immigration to Sweden was in the past but not as big as it is now."

Yeah, 500.000 invaders in 10 years is really "small amount". Especially in country which population estimate around 9 mil... about 30% of swedish population is non-swedish. About 20% is from ME and Africa...

How long do you think it will take for swedish ppl to became minority? 5?10?

Their protest matter. Ofc it matter. But not in the way they or you think it is. It matter for the red pilled ppl in sweden, ppl who still think there is a hope, but It won't change anything in swedens future.

Like I've said before, I don't care what you think about me. I'm telling you the truth. And I'm nationalist so fuck you with your globalist shit. I'm proud white and Polish citizen but I'm not going to lie only because you want me to.

Swedes had their oportunity and yet they fucked up. They've got what they were working for for at least decade. Now it is too late. Real life is not a fucking game. You can't change all your life in few seconds. To change sweden you will need 10-20 years of alt-reight governments who will actually care for their own ppl but unfortunately in 10-20 years there won't be sweden anymore.


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First step to do what? They are drowning in shit. This kind of events are only an attempt to catch the air while shit is pouring into your throat... That is what it is.

Sweden is taking huge amount of afghani, somali and iraqi invaders since 2003, not 2015 or 2016 (from 2004 to 2014 they took over 500.000). It's longer process then you think.

If they can't accept the truth, they won't win anyway. THAT IS THE TRUTH. You can motivate somebody when the battle begin, not when half of your friends are dead and enemy is 20 times more numerous...

They allowed those fuckers to invade their country without breaking a sweat. Now they are surrounded by armed enemies, their own government is against them and their are brainwashed by PC...

Just like most of the west.


I don't care what you think about it. I'm in this case for almost 3 years now and I know one thing or two about all this shit.

So keep lying to yourself if you want. I prefer the truth.


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Multiple times? How many? 3-4? Those so called "refugees" burned down more of their own camps in greece per month then Swedes in two years...

Let's be real. Red pilled ppl in Sweden, who are willing to DO something are 0.001% of the population? They can't do shit about it.

You know what happened in Poland when two sandniggers tried to molest a 14 year old girl (they came from the germany, it was city on the border)? She called her father, he came with ther brother, they found 4 random sandniggers and beat the shit out of them. That how you treat this fucking animals. The only language they understand is violence.

And what swedes do about all those rapes, burned cars, thefts, beatings etc? NOTHING. The best example is on YT where one of swedish youtuber make experiment how ppl will react when you push around a women in public space. Many ppl didn't care. There was one guy who react immediately and almost beat him (youtuber). Yeah, he was from Poland.

That is the bitter truth. Your country is going down because you choose to do nothing about it.


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I'm realist not a dreamer. I was supporting them 2 years ago, I was supporting them even a year ago and yet they kept digging in this shit. Now I don't care. I'm just saying as it is.

So don't put it on me. They are living in the pile of shit they've created. And they won't get out of it in a peaceful way. Because their government and most of their own ppl are cucks they won't do what's necessary. That is why Sweden will fall.

The same thing will happen to germany, france or even UK, greece, italy, netherland... They are making exactly the same mistake as sweden; ppl still believe that their treacherous goverments will solve this shit in some way. This is how lack of brain looks like.

This is my way of support. Telling the truth.


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Masz rację. Ja jednak oprócz tego skupiłbym się przede wszystkim na wskrzeszaniu POLSKIEGO przemysłu a nie ściąganiu zagranicznego. Podatki czy ubezpieczenia i owszem należy poprawić tylko cóż nam z nich skoro nie posiadamy nic swojego? Podatki od gównianych pensji pozostaną gówniane choćby nie wiadomo jak uszczelnić system czy jakie prawa by nie wprowadzić. Rozwój również będzie hamowany bowiem żaden zagraniczny potentat nie będzie dążył do rozwoju "niewolniczego kraju" za jaki nas uważają.

Budowanie Polskiego przemysłu to jest coś na czym powinniśmy się skupić w najbliższych latach. Zwłaszcza biorąc pod uwagę to, że nasi zachodni sąsiedzi w niedługim czasie zabiją za pomocą najeźdźców swój własny. Powstanie luka którą Polska będzie mogła wypełnić.


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