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For gods sake, just stop giving it attention....

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Take my upvotes as an sincere apology

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Ok my bad dude.
In this state of Hiddenlol, I assume everyone with statements like those are plain retarded.

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The equipment...
He ment the tool using to crush the bricks, not the useless idiot operating it wrong

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The fucking truth...
Just kidding, it is basically showing the other site of the medal.
History is always written by victors, so in germany and most other countries you will only learn about extern govern approved history. And you will have no chance to learn about both site of the war.
Check it out, ask yourself some question. CanĀ“t take the documentary for 100% as true, but nice compare to regular history "facts"

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It is a repost indeed, but I had to take a relevant picture to match the video links I wanted to share. I thought this was a particular catchy one, so more people would click and check out the links.
So I really recommend the listed links and maybe download them before jewtube deletes them.
Also check out the beloved documentary "The greatest story never told"

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Trusting a nigger for financial advise....

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