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>this is all you care about
Even though after getting exposed for your shitty repost dumping attempt of a contribution you literally stop posting, fade away and create ~10 accounts to downvote the guy who pissed you off.

Learn how to take criticism, you're a shit cunt, I'm not gonna be as nice as anon was, just fuck off. You're a hypocritical twat who has no business here.

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Careless teens what can I say. Since when does HDL cares about that?

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I think it was an accident, they all stepped back surprised, if this was their purpose I assume they would've started running.
But if you're correct I have nothing else to do but agree with you.

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I don't know what they're trying to achieve with this, but it's pretty amusing.

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I saw the original post earlier today.
Look at how she actually defends the nigger
Race isn't involved at all... God damn it these people are stupid.

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It's literally the first paragraph. He shared this in a meme group with this description: "White ppl ain't ish but thieves"
But if that's not enough let me show you his precious comment and my answer.
Also, he clearly copy pasted the historical bit, look at his typing.

With all this said. He's a nigger monkey, and I rest my case.

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Jesus Christ. I'm glad I never stumbled upon any of these creatures. Disgusting.

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All religion is madness in my eyes, but it's tru that the islamic hordes were the first to make a move. If not for the Pyrenees they probably would've continued to convert and tried to colonize all Europe, everything was in shambles back then because of the fall of the roman empire and the barbarian states.

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That and "resing"