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Fun fact: They're from Sweden

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I never browse that site. However if you were asking indirectly if this was OC, I can say to you it is not, but I got it on a jewbook group, not reddit :)

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No problem, just here to state facts. If you indeed casually posts reposts it's ok, it's impossible to keep track of everything. At least you have the decency to remove them, as I do when that happens to me.

Good night!

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I'd call it a lynch against reposting nigger faggots.
Idk about tsolias tho, I've seen OC from him, he just shitposts like a madman sometimes but who cares if it's good content

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It just appears a blank page for me, is the link correct?
But I can answer it anyway because I don't browse reddit at all. So whatever it is I don't know about it

End reached.