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I've never heard a cat crush a mouse of bird. I did grow up with a wild cat that my mom fed when I was a kid until I was a teen, and she would always leave "Presents" at the door step for us.

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I enjoy Daniel Tosh. He's funny.

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The ring on your finger gets caught on something... (In Mountain Biking I saw the person go over the handle bars, but his ring on his finger got stock on the shifter clamp, and the force of his 200+ LBS going in another direction keeps your body moving while his finger was stuck. It stripped his skin off just like this.

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Is that a good or bad thing? :)

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Because this will happen.

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I've seen many of these degloving pics. I've seen this happen to people Mountain Biking before. If you want to see more, just go to Google Images, and search for Degloving.

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Fuck... I love it! Great minds think alike! I never saw your meme before btw.