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They're called African Americans, a failed prototype. Not that you're that much better.

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Hm. As i like to see things from as many perspectives as i can, and you should too as you're on a pretty damn dark humour site.

What she's saying is that we should give pedophiles treatment so that they will not commit these crimes.

Not to say i care about pedophiles but, this would be beneficial for children as the odds of them being sexually abused will go down immensely that way.

I don't like the idea of helping pedos, but i do wanna help kids, although not in the same way as Isis_Sisu.

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"How can we help Isis_sisu to not live out his sexual pref, how can we help him live a normal life with this sexual orientation?" "We can make a difference for Isis_Sisu, we as a soeciety can be there for him. Someone who's lonely and excluded to soeciety and has little to lose. DESERVES THE FLAMMENWERFER" i mean, what?

We should accept that ISis_Sisu is a pedophile.

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OMFG. ROFL! Watch it for one minute atleast, it's HILARIOUS! This could have been standup! But it isn't... Sadly..

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To give up on women for a while is not wrong, if you have been heart broken, betrayed and shattered into pieces. You should be recovering for a bit afterwards and it's not weird if you then pay attention to how many sluts and shitty women there actually are.

But do not forget that there are those who are good, those worth fighting for.

Most of humanity is garbage and i wish we could do something about it. Atleast we have people like Jordan Peterson, bettering the world 1 individual at a time.

But i would argue that women nowadays are generally worse than men in western countries. Simply cause of cause and effect.

If most girls/women are not worth a mans time and effort, he'll give up and settle for being a douchebag and getting laid. Cause if you're not like me and can read most people in an instant, you will not be able to avoid that the odds of the girl you like will just manipulate you rather than fight to make you happy are far too high.

It's not like taking a 90% chance that she's good gamble. It's taking a 20% chance that she is good gamble.

This does not in any way mean that men today are not shit, they are. Most of humanity is garbage and these are pretty much neverending circles.

So, what can you do? When you find someone who is worth fighting for, make sure to fight for that person, do not ruin that person cause in true love the odds of a second chance are quite low.


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Well, she did say she was offered modeling jobs. So this was what she meant...

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They are but some of em are quite dangerous... In comparison to normal jews X D. It's like these ones but more well trained.

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Yeah! Ofcourse, i could not say no to that free karma!

I'm a good guy I know the proper path I would not lie of sjws i invoke wrath I came and tried to join in a ruse Let me join you and gas the jew

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