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I would love to plant my seeds into that first girl.

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Same content that's been posted on HDL already, so it's still a repost, doesn't matter if the first one was 5sec longer, OC or not. "I don't have time to browse fresh/rising/front/HDL" is not an excuse, strange how lately alot of members use it after they get called out for reposting. Seeing the same shit again and again on here makes HDL feel like a karmawhoring contest and the fact that this has not been downvoted to oblivion just shows the state of this website and its member base. It's whatever tho, who gives a shit anyway. Lets have fun.

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One of the links is to my own post and the other to a post made 2 hours later than mine. So you shouldn't have mixed feelings, but instead report the actual repost.

End reached.