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Liberals are ripping themselves apart

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From hugelol and probably 9gag

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That's a repost

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I do know what suffering is like on more than one level yes.

On your thoughts of social justice being a good idea, it really matters on which form you mean. The form we have today of whiny liberal animals thinking everyone except whites is oppressed is fucking insane and a terrible idea, while an actual group of intelligent people who want to work for a better future regardless of class and such is a good idea. True about SJWs losing their touch with the true populist needs and such though

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It's a Muslim. That's all the context needed

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This repost though

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This was on hugelol

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The Jew turns on the jew

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Did you put your watermark on someone else's already watermarked meme and try to pass it off as your own?

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Then a racist I am