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aint nobody listening to jews

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thanks for clarifying

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kike gas urself

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Coming for the jews is always a pleasure!

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>But porn does lower testoserone and make you lose sensitivity

in the long run this means erectile dysfunction, when aging kicks in aswell.

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solution for africa

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Slavs are no Untermenschen!

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Wanking yes - watching porn. NO

So wank if you want, but do not watch jewish mind poison (porn).

Porn releases adrenalin and dopamine in such an high amound, that it acts like a drug. And like a drug you always need harder or new stuff. You desensitize!

Porn tears down the barriers between the races, which nature build. It aides therefore the jews who know this very well.

Jews even have the strategy to spam patriots with interracial porn to annoy and convert them.

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in a nutshell yes.

Jewish brainwashing is this effective, because otherwise her whole world view would crumble. All the invested energy would have been wasted!

There are several similar cases. Typical woman UNLogic!

End reached.