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thanks. OP & myself both speak German, that's the reason for my comment in German.

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they will definitely say it is white privilege that they "need" their "suitable" "cultural" names.. well, Africa is free space for them, they can go there..

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thank you, really. What the hell! COLOUR is so pushed on us! We need to protect ourselves!

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Dear Lord,
thank you for never letting a non-White grade me, examinate me, rate me, in any way. May the non-Whites be euthanized for the good of planet Earth.

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I don't know the details.
But it is a GOOD SIGN that a reality star, who is filthy rich and famous is NOT backing the leftist agenda. HE lives in Monaco, doesn't deal with any migrants and refugees, but he is still not pushing that on us.
Examples of the opposite: Meryl Streep, JK Rowling, Ashley Judd, Madonna.
In Germany: Almost everyone on ZDF_neo, Böhmermann, Wielke (die Heute-Show), Extra-3.

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er hat erwartet, dass sie ihn erschießen, ich denke, mit dem Foltern hat er nicht gerechnet

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ja!!! They can TALK whatever they want, it's up to us, if we let that happen!

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why KEEP a damn black person? Who lives illegally in the first place? How does that make sense?

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ah, war denn gestern nicht in den Nachrichten, dass er gesagt hat, dass die EU an der Integration dieser Affen weiter arbeiten muss? Und dass wir Bürgerkrieg zu erwarten haben, und anstatt, dass wir hier ne Säuberung Europas endlich anfangen, MEHR in "Integration" investieren? Na, was jetzt?

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