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For more music like this, see: https://archive.org/details/RWDSE

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Nudist beaches are pretty common in Europe, I myself am German and have seen my fair share of old people's dicks as a child.

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>I don't understand how you can be both pro-knife and pro-life
>I don't understand how you can be both pro-car and pro-life
>I don't understand how you can be both pro-baton and pro-life

It's not about the object, it's about the people who use it. There's more defensive uses of guns in America each year than homicides.

I really hope you were just joking, this is redpilling 101.

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Is this better?

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I know a guy who will pay you 500 shekels to shut this down.

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First of all there's hints at him actually being /ourguy/. He allegedly owned a "Groyper" twitter account, he also hinted at diversity hiring policies. That might have kept him in his painful physical labor, minimum wage, cucked job.

And he didn't just steal a plane, he did pull off aerial maneuvers such as a barrel roll which blew people's minds, he's not even a pilot. What a gifted man and waste of talent.

But it's more than just that, he is a symbol for "snapping" in this fucked-up world and brings attention to everything that's wrong with society. Look at the top comment of this video, it explains it better than I probably could. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gFaVJLJGog

For me, he symbolizes breaking free and finding meaning in this world devoid of it, even if it's just for a brief moment. A candle that shines twice as bright only lasts half as long they say.

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hue hue

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So sad to see these misunderstood doctors and scientists forced to do this by evil white supremacists. Maybe if we let them fuck your wives this wouldn't have happened.

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Jesus, this is one butt-fucking ugly child.