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Holy fuck the jpegging on this image is real. When did you get this from? 2009?

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They're not even pretending anymore. They're fucking celebrating our ethnic replacement right in front of our faces.

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"""Accidental""". As if the team of photographers, writers, graphic designers and who fucking not wouldn't realize in the hours they spend working on this that there is some """subtle""" racism.

Most of the times they do this because it'll attract free (controversial) attention to their baby book, shampoo, soda etc. All they have to do afterwards is apologize and they're good to go.

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If you're referring to the golden arches, I honestly don't find them all this impressive. It was definitely something that worked well for product branding and for large neon displays. Using "M" was a damn good idea.

However, there's not much about the design of the arches that would be irreplaceable, there could have been a whole lot of other shapes that would be fitting. In an alternate universe we could be looking at an M with rounded corners or something.

I do have to say that the arches are inviting though. If the M was pointy, it wouldn't seem like such a friendly place. And if it wasn't yellow but red, it'd horrify you when driving by McDonalds at night. In fact, I can't think of any color that would work better than yellow, other than perhaps a slightly more orange tone.

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This is honestly outstanding. Amazing how the happy merchant can basically be reduced to a triangle and two squares and still everybody understands what it is.

It's just like loss, which can be reduced to just a few lines.

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This is not abstract at all. It's just a filtered version of an otherwise visually identical icon. Abstraction is about reducing something to its relevant components.

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Based admin.

Those canucks should apologize for having no sense of humor.

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One more reason to just pirate the shows you like and stay the fuck away from (((Netflix))) and other (((subscription-based streaming services))).

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What are they even protesting against? Traffic laws?

Reminds me of BLM stopping ambulances, even when the driver was black.

EDIT: didn't listen to the first seconds of the audio, could have heard that it was about deportation. Still, why block roads to protest deportation?