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That's not the part people are complaining about. It was the part where the group said boys can be princesses and girls can have chest hair. Normally that would be considered funny and innocent, as if it was for entertainment. But now it's like they're pushing an agenda on everything because these leftists really believe that.

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He looks like a soy boy.

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I noticed this too. It's people who have kids who want to preserve their country. People who don't have kids (by the time they're grown) are degenerate I have to say it.

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That's an excellent question.

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Sorry for the essay my dude.

It increases divorce risk. Decreases (future) marriage satisfaction and stability. Women start to get depressed and anxious if they're promiscuous.

Girls won't often say this stuff to guys or to people they're not close to, but most girls regret most of the sex they've had. They're pretty unhappy about it. But then they try to get over it and not care like it's just a normal thing. It's easier when you're young and resilient and have the idea in your head that casual sex is fine, you convince yourself it's not a big deal, but they're mostly still not happy about it. Once they get older (mid 20s) if they're still a slut, they start to go crazy. And even if a rare girl did it and didn't care (very unlikely), it still doesn't help her marriage.

Statistically it hurts. Every sexual partner past 1 increases your chance for all kinds of problems.

For women, the statistical difference between 0 previous sexual partners (1 total) and 1 previous sexual partner (2 total) is bigger than the difference between 1 previous partner and 21+ previous partners. Because there's a big difference between being with one person sexually, and being with more than one.

And even if it was fine and you did enjoy it, is it really worth devaluing sex for? Sex can be a beautiful romantic thing or it can be two hoes and then they want nothing to do with each other the next week. Is it worth ruining something meaningful and important for some chick you're just gonna date for a while and then never have feelings for again?

It sucks for women and it doesn't affect men as much, but they should be respectful to their future wife and not be having sex with other women.

In nature/evolution being promiscuous would be a disaster for the woman but the man could just bail. And since your body doesn't like things that are bad for you (uncommitted sex), your mind doesn't either. It might feel good for a while or in the short term (or maybe not even), but it gives you a lot of problems mentally and emotionally.

I don't know what kind of guy wouldn't mind if other men fucked his wife. "It's in the past" seems like a cucky excuse.

Like do you want other men having fucked your wife or no.

If you think about it it's not even worth the potential stds or unwanted pregnancy. Or even nonsense like regret, issues, or potential heartbreak (more of a girl thing). Just go jack off if you want to. There aren't any good reasons to have sex with someone you're not committed to for life. Like it's "cool" and you'll be "popular" wtf? Go get some friends don't be a loser who needs to stick their penis in a bunch of useless hoes in order to be "cool."

And where do you draw the line? No one wants to marry someone who's fucked 20 people. So what about 15? 10? 5? 2? 1? Why not zero? It depends on your standards.

And by the way it's not like people who encourage people to wait are anti-sex. If you both wait until marriage, your sex life will be more satisfying and you'll have sex more often. So we're actually very pro-sex.

We think it's great. That's why we want it to be treated great.

"To sleep around is absolutely wrong for a woman; it's degrading and it completely ruins her personality. Sooner or later it will destroy all that is feminine and beautiful and idealistic in her."
- Barbara Cartland

“And that is why I consider promiscuity immoral. Not because sex is evil, but because sex is too good and too important."
- Ayn Rand

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You can, but it's not good to do.

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Welcome :)

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Same with France :(