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I wish the US was doing it so we could remain white. But they're just doing it for common sense. You can let illegal people in. Most non-white countries aren't nice enough for people to want to move there, but the ones that are keep their ethnicity alive effectively through immigration policy. Imagine the screaming if Mexico was turning white instead of brown. Every liberal would immediately understand about not mixing. But they ridicule us for it.

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There was a pretty serious report about some bad stuff the investigators did that was anti-trump during the campaign and they were supposed to be unbiased. They said in text messages no one should vote for trump and that they were trying to stop him and such. It should have been big news but the media wanted to conceal it up by suddenly plastering an old issue of illegal kids and adults being taken in separately.

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Excuse me it's African American.

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Meh this isn't smart, anyone can think of something like that. She's stupid enough to try it.

Also, hoebags.

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This was nonsense news to distract from that FBI report.

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Lived? Never got married, never had kids, not healthy, not content. Just a soundcloud rapper doing drugs being a hoe. Great stuff, real living, wow.

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I just hope they don't make a lesbian princess. :( And the single don't need no man princesses need to stop too.

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