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Rodnover10 points
based geert

The world needs less of you.

nutellablood9 points
the only place blacks are going in life is prison

Woti6 points
Let's hope he doesn't reproduce

dumbuser6 points
"panic" = stupid

carman6 points
That's exactly what Muslim countries do to other faiths, so, fair enough

This really isn't fake, quite the scandal here in South Africa. This went viral ...

Craven885 points
bitch took it up the shitter more than once

Link please

Dalynx4 points
9/11 would bang

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mouzard141 point
the knife, a solution for anything you can imagine

mouzard141 point
I love cats. they are real hunters. like the lion and tiger.

He is a zionist

DekuH1 point
You really shouldn't find it attractive. Bitch is ugly af.

DekuH1 point
Go back to 9gag

Ez25mmr1 point
He was a vegetarian.

sebastien1 point
Depends... Are posts required to be in English?

Tis but a scratch.

abuendia521 point
go to 9gag fag

that escalated quickly